3 Ways a Liquor License Broker Makes an Attorney’s Job Easier


Over our many years of business, we’ve worked with numerous attorneys to make their journey through the liquor licensing process easier.

Attorneys who are new to what we do often ask why it’s necessary to have a liquor license broker; what they often find, however, is that our services go far beyond just finding a buyer or seller. How do we make the process smoother for all of the lawyers we work with? Here are the three main ways.



1. We troubleshoot for you.


We see possibilities in licensing that other people frequently miss. We solve the problems attorneys don’t always have the time or expertise to resolve, acting as partners to step in and lead extra support to deliver a winning result for all parties involved.

For example, if we had a business trying to buy a license from one of its other franchisees and that franchisee is avoiding the sale, we have the bandwidth to speak with that franchisee and work through any questions or problems. Sometimes, that includes venturing out to evaluate what the cost would be for a business to buy a license over the next six months in a certain community and getting into the nitty-gritty details of how to make that transaction.

For an attorney, having a team with the expertise who has dealt with these problems is a huge asset, and it saves quite a few headaches for those who aren’t as well-acquainted with this business as we are.



2. We offer our knowledge base.


Attorneys are the legal experts. But who wants to spend two weeks poring over books of licensing case law to figure out what’s going on? Given that a lot of lawyers who contact us aren’t licensing-specific attorneys, we step up to act as a resource for them to make decisions and give their clients firm answers.

About 90% of the work we do involves working alongside attorneys to solve their clients’ problems and fulfill their needs. The services we provide most often include looking to buy a license, needing to sell a license, requesting an evaluation done for lending, and uncovering a license for scratch.

At the end of the day, we’re going to be as creative as possible in our deal-making to ensure that clients—and by extension, their  attorneys—walk away with a deal they’re happy with.



3. We’re reliable no matter what the process throws your way.


There’s enough unpredictability with the transaction of trying to buy, sell, or secure a liquor license. Why go it alone?

Our mission is to make that process much easier and more streamlined. When we do business with attorneys, we help manage the transaction from start to finish and point out  any potential red flags or legal complications that lawyers should be aware of. If there’s a snag in a deal, we’re the ones who will step in to work it out in order to make sure attorneys aren’t adding something to their licenses.

When it comes down to it, we have one specialty: Liquor licenses. We learn every day, which means we’re constantly developing better systems and processes for our clients, as well as their attorneys.

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