Franchise developers turn to Liquor License Advisor to quickly identify available licenses, and determine timelines and budgets that fit the requirement of their brand. Our team strategizes with franchise development teams to determine timelines that satisfy their lease contingencies and provide referrals to attorneys that specialize in liquor licensing so we can get the franchise open on time. Securing a liquor license for a franchisee while satisfying a lease contingency is difficult in any market, but to be able to pull it off in a quota state or a hot market like Boston, Short Hills or Buck’s County requires a strategic approach and a team that knows how to get it done, even in a challenging environment. We have worked on projects for most franchise systems in restaurant, hotel and retail, including Marriott, Hilton, 7-Eleven, and Taco Bell.

If your company is growing through franchising and is in need of a liquor license strategy, connect with Liquor License Advisor to schedule a strategy call.

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