Sell A Liquor Store – How To Prepare Your Store

When you decide to sell a liquor store, one of the biggest things we ask our clients to do is to approach selling a liquor store as if they were their own customers. It’s important to consider the details like the look and feel of the environment as soon as you walk in.

Looking At Your Liquor Store As A Customer

Seeing the store through your customer’s eyes allows you to create an environment that is welcoming and professional which a potential buyer will find appealing. If your store is attracting customers, it’s making money.

Maximize the price that your store will sell for by doing spring cleaning and organizing. Paint, Windex, and lightbulbs are a great investment! Anything you can do to update the store that’s relatively inexpensive will result in an exponential return.

Finding The Right Broker To Sell A Liquor Store

One of the best decisions you can make when selling your liquor store is choosing the right liquor store broker to partner with to close the deal. Not only will a great broker assist you in organizing the documents and due diligence, but they will guide you on how to prepare your liquor store for a prospective buyer visit as well as how to interact with them when they show up (and they will).


At Liquor License Advisor we have been in the liquor license and liquor store broker industry for many decades and been a part of thousands of transactions. We have a team behind us that can assist with any deal, no matter how complex, large or small we will find a way.

If you have questions about how to sell a liquor store, we’re here to help.

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