Fun in the Sun: Hot Summer Trends & Updates

With summer in full swing, it appears nearly the entire country was open with little to no restrictions on the Fourth of July. The majority of states have lifted restrictions fully, while others such as Washington DC, California, and New York still require masks for unvaccinated people indoors, and Hawaii is the last state left with masks inside for all.

The conversation has flipped to the discussion around which laws to lift or continue to enforce, especially when it comes to the liquor world. A quarantine staple for much of the nation that’s been bored in the house, a distribution that did not require leaving the house was critical. That’s where e-commerce stepped in. Several platforms gave the ability to order alcohol from the comfort of your home or get it delivered.

Another exception to pre-pandemic liquor laws was the allowance of restaurants to offer takeout or delivery of beer, wine and, in some cases, spirits or pre-made cocktails.

While some fight for these changes to stick around long term, others find too many risk factors. These bills remain up for continuous debate as states weigh the pros and cons amidst navigating the new post-pandemic world. One bill that has been making its way through legislation is the ban on nips in Massachusetts. Mashpee on Cape Cod has officially set the precedent in banning them, with Falmouth following behind in October 2021, and Framingham brings forth a policy to ban the use of styrofoam, nips, and any other plastic resin.

In regards to new liquor policies around alcohol delivery, WCVB reports on several incidents involving a popular Boston beach. “Along the South Boston coast, lifeguards and Massachusetts State Police are also keeping a watchful eye on alcohol consumption, and trying to crack down on a new issue: alcohol deliveries.

Boston city councilor Ed Flynn said there have been numerous complaints of people ordering liquor deliveries to addresses along M Street or Carson Beach, and then bringing the alcohol onto the beach.”

These new era liquor policies are expected to experience several kinks, and while the battle is still being fought and bills continue to be passed, safety regulation and enforcement of the fine print remains priority.


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