What Alcohol Is In Store For 2022?

As we’ve learned over the past few years, COVID-19 created a variety of new trends regarding alcohol consumption. Based on reports from cocktail enthusiasts, we’ve been following the forecast regarding drink trends for 2022, and here’s what we found to be the most noteworthy and our advice on how to stay competitive.

During the pandemic, many people took the time to prioritize self-improvement and wellness. It has been reported that this trend will remain, and non-alcoholic and low alcohol beverages are becoming increasingly popular.

As discussed in our Advisor Issue #6 earlier in the year, younger generations are known to be “conscious alcohol consumers”, with a focus on what ingredients are going into their beverages.

Also noted in this article is the younger generation’s tendency to pay attention to who is creating their beverages of choice.

Celebrity-owned spirit sales are predicted to reduce due to the backlash on being seen as inauthentic products.

Take this declining trend into consideration when stocking up on alcohol, as Millennials and Gen Z are not only progressively observant and mindful, but influential as well.

Prominent flavored drinks are predicted to be in high demand. Wine Enthusiast reported their reasoning as, “In the wake of COVID-19, a virus notorious for attacking senses of taste and smell, drinks with prominent, straightforward flavors may reassure those still recovering or otherwise concerned with changes to their senses.”

It has also been reported that RTD (ready-to-drink) cocktails are anticipated to maintain popularity, so we encourage investing in a supply of RTD cocktails with bold, detectable flavors for 2022.


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