The Advisor Magazine: Issue #34

December 2023 Update – Gifting, Selling, Cannabis & More!
It’s a time to celebrate with the ones you love.
  • the future of partying – getting buzzed on cannabis drinks;
  • if selling during the holidays is a good idea;
  • what popular alcohol gifts to stock up on for the holidays;
  • and more!

Pressure On For Boston Pocket Licenses?

The Joint Committee On Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure held its hearing on Oct. 2, 2023 for proposed Bill H.3741 and Bill S.2380 which are seeking an additional 250 licenses across 10 specific zip codes in the next 5 years, should it become law.

One of the issues that arose during the hearing around the 1:00:45 to 1:05:50 mark addressed the term “pocket” licenses, which are inactive liquor licenses being held by owners and/or landlords which go against the city’s guidelines for license use.

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The Advisor Magazine: Issue #33

November 2023 Update – Holiday Spending Habits, Inflation & More!
As we move into the holidays, consumer habits are changing, again.
  • how consumer’s alcohol purchases may change with inflation;
  • a surprise subject that came up at the Boston Hearing – restaurant pocket licenses;
  • how orange is the new white when it comes to serving wine this holiday season;
  • and more!

Have You Heard of Sober October?

How This Trend Is Impacting Alcohol Sales

We’ve all become increasingly familiar with Dry January, but have you heard of “Sober October”? According to a recent USA Today article, this movement is becoming increasingly popular as consumers make more health-conscious purchases, trading in their alcoholic beverages for non-alcoholic or low-alcohol substitutes. Some people are trying out this lifestyle shift for a month to consider the benefits of not drinking, while others are trading out a few beverages here and there; however, others are making the shift to eliminate all alcohol entirely.

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Does Boston Need More Licenses?

Boston’s Home Rule Petition Hearing: October 2, 2023

Hearing to Consider 250 New Liquor Licenses in the City of Boston: A Brief Summary and What the Change Could Mean for Local Business Owners.

On October 2, 2023, a legislative hearing to consider additional Boston liquor licenses took place at the State House. Mayor Michelle Wu, City Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune, Councilor Brian Worrell, and Councilor Ricardo Arroyo were the forefront of the proposal to advocate in support of the home rule petition, which would allow the city to issue 250 new liquor licenses in ten specific zip codes over the next five years – if it becomes law. To become law, the bill still needs to pass the full Legislature and be signed by the Governor.

To read the full article – check out The Advisor Magazine – Issue 32.


The Advisor Magazine: Issue #32

October 2023 Update – More Liquor Licenses Coming For Boston?
The last quarter of 2023 starts with some uncertainty in the liquor license market.
In Issue #32 of The Advisor, we discuss:
  • a recap of the October 2nd hearing for Boston’s Home Rule Petition;
  • how a new trend, Sober October, will impact sales;
  • what consumer trends are shaping up for this Fall;
  • and more!
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Proposed Bill To Nix US Requirement To Obtain Liquor License

Will U.S. Residency Be Required?

Our Team here at Liquor License Advisor often receives the question of whether someone must be a U.S. citizen to obtain a liquor license in Massachusetts. Legally, they do: The way the law currently stands, the manager of record for a business must be a U.S. citizen to obtain a liquor license, which means that a non-citizen cannot be listed as the manager of record if he or she requires a liquor license for his or her business. Here in Massachusetts, the license owner must actually be a state resident as well to go on record as a manager or owner of a liquor license.

To read the full article – check out The Advisor Magazine – Issue 31.


The Advisor Magazine: Issue #31

September 2023 Update – License Requirement Changes Coming?
As the seasons start to change, soon the industry may too.
In Issue #31 of The Advisor, we discuss:
  • if changes are coming to nix U.S. Citizenship requirements for liquor licenses;
  • traditional flavours coming back – hard alcohol and “unflavored” beers regain growth;
  • Dunkin’ Donuts using its brand to push into the liquor industry;
  • and more!
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Reviving Boston’s Nightlife

Prepare To Thrive: Boston Bars, Pubs, Restaurants & More

It’s not surprising for many that Boston is one of the major cities in the United States that isn’t well-known to have a variety of options for what to do when the sun goes down. Some argue that the reason is due to the City curfew, which is in place to reduce crime, support safety, and maintain cleanliness. Others say that transportation has also always been a main factor in Boston’s dull nightlife since the T stops running at around 1:00 AM, and rideshare prices have skyrocketed due to gas prices and the issue of supply and demand.

To read the full article – check out The Advisor Magazine – Issue 30.


Online Lottery Out of Luck

FY2024 Budget Will Not Include the Legalization of Online Lottery

The Massachusetts Package Store Association (MassPack) released a news brief on July 31, 2023, announcing that online lottery is no longer a contender in the Massachusetts FY2024 budget. This decision is good news for local package stores, many of which rely on lottery commissions as part of their sales.

Lottery officials began advocating for an online lottery system due to the legalization of sports betting, as they argue that “sports betting revenues could siphon off revenues from lottery sales”, to which MassPack retorts that, “This has never happened”.

MassPack claims that the state has presented “misleading information” and data based on New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, where the state controls alcohol and lottery sales, and therefore does not accurately represent the situation here in Massachusetts, where 100% of lottery retailers are private stores, and an online lottery system would directly compete with these stores.

To read the full article – check out The Advisor Magazine – Issue 30.


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