Reviving Boston’s Nightlife

Prepare To Thrive: Boston Bars, Pubs, Restaurants & More

It’s not surprising for many that Boston is one of the major cities in the United States that isn’t well-known to have a variety of options for what to do when the sun goes down. Some argue that the reason is due to the City curfew, which is in place to reduce crime, support safety, and maintain cleanliness. Others say that transportation has also always been a main factor in Boston’s dull nightlife since the T stops running at around 1:00 AM, and rideshare prices have skyrocketed due to gas prices and the issue of supply and demand.

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Online Lottery Out of Luck

FY2024 Budget Will Not Include the Legalization of Online Lottery

The Massachusetts Package Store Association (MassPack) released a news brief on July 31, 2023, announcing that online lottery is no longer a contender in the Massachusetts FY2024 budget. This decision is good news for local package stores, many of which rely on lottery commissions as part of their sales.

Lottery officials began advocating for an online lottery system due to the legalization of sports betting, as they argue that “sports betting revenues could siphon off revenues from lottery sales”, to which MassPack retorts that, “This has never happened”.

MassPack claims that the state has presented “misleading information” and data based on New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, where the state controls alcohol and lottery sales, and therefore does not accurately represent the situation here in Massachusetts, where 100% of lottery retailers are private stores, and an online lottery system would directly compete with these stores.

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The Advisor Magazine: Issue #30

As the second half of the year kicks off so does the liquor industry.
  • if a thriving nightlife is possible for Boston;
  • the future of online lottery;
  • where to focus your marketing dollars to capitalize on trends;
  • how to e-commerce is shaping up into 2027;
  • lease numbers for Boston retail;
  • and more!

Summer Travel Impact On Business

Some Key Takeaways On How To Make The Most of Summer Travel

With summer now in full swing, many restaurant and liquor store owners are faced with the same question: what will this season look like for my business? Will people hop on a plane or into their cars to seek adventure far away from home, or will the rising costs of fuel, food, and nearly everything in between cause people to stay closer to home? Recent travel reports reveal that while many remain enthusiastic about travelling this summer, embracing a pandemic-free season, travel plans may look a little different this year due to continuing inflation concerns. Restaurants and liquor stores, like most other businesses, are also faced with the consequences of inflation, and if you are a business owner you know that keeping your hand on the pulse of who your customers will be this summer (and how long they will be staying) has never been more important.

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Here are the top 5 most popular drinks for Summer 2023

A recent BevAlc Insights by Drizly report reveals that in the past 12 months, Drizly has seen over 400 new RTD cocktail SKUs (stock keeping units) added to their catalog! Clearly, growth in this category is not slowing down any time soon. Local businesses should take note, because “By location, Boston; Northern New Jersey; Long Island, New York; Nashville; and Providence, Rhode Island all over-indexed on RTD sales on Drizly in that [12 month] time period”.

To read the full article – check out The Advisor Magazine – Issue 29.


The Advisor Magazine: Issue #29

Celebrations all around this Summer with some new takes on the same old issues.
In Issue #29 of The Advisor, we discuss:
  • Boston liquor license price raises eyebrows;
  • consumer habits for retailers this Summer;
  • Summer travel impact on liquor businesses;
  • what drinkers are spending their money on this Summer;
  • and more!
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The Advisor Magazine: Issue #28

Just when we think we are past some of the issues in the industry, here we are, again.
In Issue #28 of The Advisor, we discuss:
  • unlimited licenses for food stores;
  • surcharges and concerns for on premise;
  • City of Boston bottle service advisory;
  • what to stock up on for Summer;
  • and more!
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The Advisor Magazine: Issue #27

We work hard to keep you in the loop.
In Issue #27 of The Advisor, we discuss:
  • where the market is for liquor stores;
  • direct-to-consumer and e-commerce claiming market share;
  • Massachusetts lottery may be going online;
  • is tequila still hot or not;
  • and more!
Keep in touch with what’s going on in the liquor industry.
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The Advisor Magazine: Issue #26 –

Spring is in the air and bringing new energy into the liquor industry.
In Issue #26 of The Advisor we discuss:
  • Consumer’s purchase habits this Spring (where and when for alcohol);
  • Boston considering banning nips;
  • Drinks-to-go extended;
  • Drink trends for Spring 2023;
  • Tax season for small businesses;
  • and more!
Buyers are becoming even more active putting sellers in a good position.
If you’re considering selling, know all of your options – we can help.
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The Advisor Magazine: Issue #25 –

As we start to look toward the end of Winter, there are a few surprises popping up.

In The AdvisorIssue #25we discuss:

  • Cocktails-to-go ending April 1st;
  • Navigating consumer safety during the ongoing roofie epidemic;
  • Stocking up on booze for Spring trends;
  • Tax credits for small businesses;
  • and more!
There’s a shift on the way as the season changes – how will it impact your business?
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