The Future of Partying:

Will Cannabis-Infused Beverages Spark a New Kind of “Buzz”?

It’s widely known that the younger generations are drinking less alcohol, opting more for no and low-alcohol options than their elders. With health and wellness being at the forefront of this movement, liquor store shelves continue to adorn and multiply the products available for sober shoppers, including non-alcoholic beer and other canned beverages, no and low-alcohol wine, as well as a growing amount of no and low-alcohol options within the hard liquor category. There’s even a new bottle shop, Dray Drinks, in Boston’s South End that features only non-alcoholic beverages, demonstrating a real interest in the sober lifestyle. Retailers are following what’s trending and offering more non-alcoholic products in their stores than ever before.

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Holiday Gifting: Top Gift Trends For 2023

December is here, which means that shoppers are out in full force seeking the perfect holiday gift for everyone on their list. Alcohol remains a popular go-to gift, but what will consumers purchase this year? BevAlcInsights by Drizly has taken the guesswork out for retailers by issuing their 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, which provides insight on what categories and brands retailers should enhance in their inventory based on 2023 sales and 2022 gifting trends – critical data for businesses to make the busiest time of year a success.

Spirits reached new heights during the 2022 holiday season, with bourbon, Scotch whisky, and reposado tequila topping the charts for gifting purchases; wine (Champagne and red varietals) was a close second. It seems that despite the current economic climate, the holidays still remain a time when consumers splurge more than they might otherwise, with premium products being high in demand.

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Inflation Impact On Holiday Alcohol Spending

Almost everyone you talk to these days brings up the alarming rise in the cost of just about everything, from gas to food to interest rates. Although people are making an effort to consciously monitor their budgets, the holiday season is upon us once again, and with that season inevitably comes an increase in spending, despite the current economic climate. Will consumers celebrate the holidays more frugally this year, or will they toss budgets aside? Consumer spending will affect both on and off-premise establishments as we wrap up 2023, a year that has found most Americans financially strapped, with no end in sight.

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Pressure On For Boston Pocket Licenses?

The Joint Committee On Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure held its hearing on Oct. 2, 2023 for proposed Bill H.3741 and Bill S.2380 which are seeking an additional 250 licenses across 10 specific zip codes in the next 5 years, should it become law.

One of the issues that arose during the hearing around the 1:00:45 to 1:05:50 mark addressed the term “pocket” licenses, which are inactive liquor licenses being held by owners and/or landlords which go against the city’s guidelines for license use.

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