Confidentiality is really important from a seller’s perspective but marketing and talking to people about a business to sell it is crucial.

It is understandable that you want it to be kept really quiet but you want everybody to know about it. The fact is that we only want the people that should know about it to know about it.

As soon as you start talking to people, confidentiality becomes a big concern. The best thing that you can do is work with your team and start to desensitize them for when they hear that the business is for sale.

Prepare the staff and explain to them that everything is for sale for a price and selling the place is an option any day if somebody showed up with the right number.

Talk to the staff about recent sales in the industry so it doesn’t come as a shock.

Priming them and hearing about it for the last month or two will desensitize them. These are just some ways to minimize the amount of trouble that comes with someone breaking confidentiality.

When you or your liquor license broker start to talk about selling your store to potential buyers, confidentiality is a valid concern.  When you file an application before the town to transfer the license it becomes public knowledge. There’s no way to avoid it!

Before the information goes public, you want to make sure you have conversations with the important people and make sure that you have had a discussion with key employees.

Most importantly, you want to have a discussion with your landlord to make sure they know what your plans are. The landlord is going be an essential part of this from the very beginning. If you are going to transfer the business to somebody else and they want to stay in that location, the landlord needs to be involved early on rather than later.

Only you know that answer as the owner. You’ve been dealing with this landlord for years, know his personality best, and know how they will react.

If you’ve been a good tenant all along and have been straightforward this shouldn’t be a problem. Once that application gets filed, everybody’s going to know about it so prepare yourself and seek advice when needed.

If you would like confidential advice we are here to guide you. We will give you some tools, tips and tricks on how to do that.

How Long Does It Take To Sell Your Liquor Store

How can you shorten the timeline when selling a liquor store? What about a liquor license? This is a question we often get asked by owners in the Boston, MA area and the answer is depending on your situation and who you have on your team.

First off, we track and measure each step of the process internally and after doing this work for decades we now have a projected timeline for each client based on their location and other variables.

Second, we have a team of people we’ve worked closely with for many years that can predict where the bottlenecks may happen in a deal and we can then be proactive in the process of selling a liquor store for you and move it to close.

Our proprietary system called the Match Method™ allows us to keep the process moving along effectively.

Watch the video below to hear some tips on selling your liquor store:

At Liquor License Advisor we have been in the liquor license and liquor store broker industry for many decades and been a part of thousands of transactions. We have a team behind us that executes a proven system to make sure that your license and/or liquor store sell in the least amount of time possible for the most money.

We internally track deals to make sure when we sell a liquor store, we are able to optimize the process. Our team is actually rewarded based on the timeline of a deal to close. It’s that important to us that we get you the yield of your investment back as quickly as possible at the highest return.

When it comes time for selling your liquor store, we are here to help. We can give you insights into your marketplace and may already have a buyer in mind.

Give us a call any time (781)319-9800 or contact us.

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Sell A Liquor Store – How To Prepare Your Store

When you decide to sell a liquor store, one of the biggest things we ask our clients to do is to approach selling a liquor store as if they were their own customers. It’s important to consider the details like the look and feel of the environment as soon as you walk in.

Looking At Your Liquor Store As A Customer

Seeing the store through your customer’s eyes allows you to create an environment that is welcoming and professional which a potential buyer will find appealing. If your store is attracting customers, it’s making money.

Maximize the price that your store will sell for by doing spring cleaning and organizing. Paint, Windex, and lightbulbs are a great investment! Anything you can do to update the store that’s relatively inexpensive will result in an exponential return.

Finding The Right Broker To Sell A Liquor Store

One of the best decisions you can make when selling your liquor store is choosing the right liquor store broker to partner with to close the deal. Not only will a great broker assist you in organizing the documents and due diligence, but they will guide you on how to prepare your liquor store for a prospective buyer visit as well as how to interact with them when they show up (and they will).


At Liquor License Advisor we have been in the liquor license and liquor store broker industry for many decades and been a part of thousands of transactions. We have a team behind us that can assist with any deal, no matter how complex, large or small we will find a way.

If you have questions about how to sell a liquor store, we’re here to help.

Give us a call any time (781)319-9800 or contact us.

Sell A Liquor Store Boston, MA

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